In the days and weeks immediately following Haiti's earthquake terrible of 2010, we saw an overwhelming number of requests from people around the world inquiring the whereabouts of friends and loved ones feared missing. By using the power of social media and available technologies, we have since successfully connected missing loved ones and relayed important news and information between people on the ground in Haiti and the rest of the world. When another earthquake hit Chile, the same tools were made available to them. (more info about USA for Haiti). Although important social media tools that are specifically customized to help connect the world with the people in Haiti will remain here on our site, we will continue to adjust and expand our focus in order to deal with the latest developments as they arise.


Immediate problems to address:

The rainy season threatens more death in Haiti and the spread of infectious disease around the world

Right now, the rainy season is an emergency in need of immediate attention in the already devastated country of Haiti. This is a season of heavy tropical rain everyday for months straight, causing mud slides and flooding each year. This year however, there are a million people left homeless by the earthquake. They have been sleeping outside because they do not have any shelter at all and nothing to protect them from the rain. Most do not even have a tent and have been sleeping outside, in the open with no protection or privacy. Each year the rainy season is immediately followed by the hurricaine season. With much of the rubble still on the ground, some of which still contains decaying corpses yet to be collected, the threat of many more deaths in Haiti due to unsanitary conditions is made worst by the water. Contagious, infectious disease including a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis (tb) already in Haiti threatens the world.

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Serious food and water shortages, poor health and bad nutrition

Nothing can be done to bring back the lost, but at least we are able to help those who survived. Right now there are many who survived the earthquke but are now dying of starvation, thurst, and poor nutrition. Millions were raised with larger organizations and governments, but that has not translated so far into enough food and water for those most in need, as much of the funds are tied up in bureaucracy.

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Google Tool - US State Dept Record of Survivors:

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